Artist in Residence at Lawnya Vawnya

I’ve been invited to be an ARTIST IN RESIDENCE for Lawnya Vawnya.

Lawnya Vawnya has always been one of my all-time favourite multi-day festivals. They celebrate everything I believe in. They’ve always been huge champions of independent music and they bring the most amazing creative minds together.

I’ve always dreamed of the day I’d get to contribute to the magic of Lawnya Vawnya in my own special way.

For a full week in April, I’ll be taking over the Lawnya Vawnya headquarters to work on producing tracks for my collaborative project, PUSH & PULL. This project features my voice, flutes and omnichord and includes electronic music production by Pick A Piper / Coy Haste with visuals by Joshua Caine.

I’ve been needing a quiet space where I can explore, create and produce without disruption. I envision lots of flute tracks, omnichord and singing my heart out.

In addition, we’ll be finding ways for me to do some education outreach in the city to help inspire and empower emerging artists.

Thank you Lawnya Vawnya. I’m so honoured by this opportunity which will be sure to help me explore, develop, shine and share!

Di Zhao Flute Sponsorship

“We are excited and honoured to welcome Rozalind MacPhail to the Di Zhao Flutes family as our first ever featured artist. Her brilliant talent, infectious enthusiasm and passionate love for all things flute makes her the ideal choice for us.” – William Zhao, Marketing Director of Di Zhao Flutes

No words can truly express how delighted I feel about this new partnership with Di Zhao Flutes. I fell in love with Di Zhao’s instruments the moment I tried them at The National Flute Association Convention in Chicago. These flutes sing to my soul. They are beautifully crafted with such care and precision. To be sponsored by a progressive company like Di Zhao Flutes is a dream come true. I am proud to stand behind a flute company who focuses on innovation and excellence.

Di Zhao’s flutes will be featured on my upcoming album, PUSH & PULL which is set to be released in 2023. I’ll also be performing on these gorgeous instruments at

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Global Music Match

Thrilled to share that I’ve been selected as one of 60 worldwide artists to participate in this year’s #GlobalMusicMatch! Global Music Match was created in a world first collaboration between founding partners Sounds Australia, Showcase Scotland Expo and

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Feature on Talking Flutes Podcast

This goes down as being one of the coolest podcast interviews I’ve ever been a part of. Check it out!

Thank you ArtsNL

Jumping up and down over here with so much joy, gratitude and excitement as this really sinks in! We did it! We got a Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council grant to help bring the new project closer to the finish line! A dream come true!

PUSH & PULL. My first piece of vinyl. A whole bunch of really cool music videos. Exciting collaborations. A live audio-visual experience. Super fun touring opportunities. It all happens in 2023, thanks to this extra funding we really needed to move it forward.

Sending a huge hug to my grant writing partner in crime, Matt Dines who helped me envision more than what I could see for myself. You are such a gift my friend.

So excited to work on this project with a dream team of professionals: Brad Weber of

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Presenting at Making Music Work

I’ll be a panelist for the Making Music Work webinar, “Whats the Score? Sampling and Composing with New Media” on April 6, 2022 from 7pm – 8:15pm NL time

Register here:!event/2022/4/6/what-apos-s-the-score-what-apos-s-the-score-sampling-and-composing-with-new-media read more