Video Release: “Now Accepting Food Stamps” in The Overcast

I used my Super 8 camera in Wilmington, North Carolina during my Cucalorus Festival Artist Residency and hand-processed three rolls of film with the help of Andre Silva and Mariah Kramer at UNCW Film Studies. Thanks to Dan Brawley in 2014 for giving me his precious rolls of film! “Now Accepting Food Stamps” was my reaction to feeling heartbroken about the poverty and racism I was witnessing down South. With all that’s been going on in our current world climate, it feels right to share this film.

Thanks to Eva Crocker of The Overcast for this lovely article about our St. John’s premiere of FROM THE RIVER TO THE OCEAN which happens on Friday! It’s pretty special for me to share this work of love with everyone in St. John’s. Coming full circle after 3 years of giving it everything I’ve got! Let’s do this Josh Caine, Shona Thomson, Mandi Edwards, Mariah Kramer, Matt Malloy and Matt Gossett, Craig FollettBrad Weber and Brent Beshara!… #cucalorus #fromtherivertotheocean#flutegirlplayswithfilm