Video of “Alders” performed by Rozalind MacPhail at CB Nuit

Check out this video of looped and effected piccolo with electronics and silent film. This is a performance of “Alders” – performed live at the Rotary Arts Centre for CB Nuit

“Alders” by Rozalind MacPhail – Live at CB Nuit from Rozalind MacPhail on Vimeo.

I’ll be performing an audio-visual excerpt from Raven Blue‘s beautiful film, HOMELESS that is being live-streamed at MusicNL Week. Tune in on Feb 4th at 8pm sharp NL time (6:30pm EST). This is not being recorded folks, so make sure you tune in on time!

Visit MusicNL’s YouTube page to catch the live-stream! Here’s the link:

This concert is being co-presented by the Music Performance Trust Fund. MPTF provides admission-free, live, quality music, performed by professional musicians to the public of all backgrounds throughout the United States and Canada.