Time to Catch Up

It’s been a crazy amount of driving lately and I’m pretty tuckered out. I said good-bye to the Maritimes (after experiencing hurricane Kyle in Saint John NB) and then drove 15 straight hours to Wakefield Quebec, my favourite village, about a 25 minute drive from Ottawa. Why did the drive take so long you ask? Because I drove through Maine to save on gas costs and got myself good and lost in the mountains! Yikes. The colours of the trees were amazing though, bright red, yellow and orange. I eventually found my way but it was a tad scary at points. I have a pretty entertaining story of trying to cross the border into Maine. Let’s just say that it was quite the challenge.

So here’s some choppy video clips of various moments while I was hopping around Nova Scotia and PEI. I miss the Maritimes so much already, especially the comforting smell of the Atlantic. It’s a pretty special place. Thanks to all of you who went out out of your way to make my time in the Maritimes so special. : )

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