Time Off

Wow, I’m bored. Seriously folks, I haven’t spent a day doing nothing in a very long time. The tour is now done and I’m smiling from all the wonderful memories I now have. What an amazing experience. I told myself that I would take two days off before hitting the pavement to find work but I’m only on day one and I’m already twiddling my fingers! Been writing a few new songs, teaching myself more about Ableton Live and learning accordion. Yes, accordion. One of my friends in Sudbury loaned me his for the winter. It’s a tiny one which is handy.

Thought this would be fun…

TOP 10 Touring Essentials
Things that helped make my touring experience a good one

#1 dental floss
#2 vitamin C powder packets (I take one every morning I’m on the road)
#3 organic apple sauce
#4 toiletries bag (this keeps your essentials in a place where you can find it easily)
#5 handmade soap (mine is from a lady who has a stall at the Halifax Saturday Market)
#6 journal and pen
#7 bottled water (and make sure you drink lots of it!)
#8 MacBook (wireless is sooooooo handy) and iPod (you exchange lots of great music while touring so get lots of space)
#9 slippers (especially for places you stay with pets)
#10 coconut milk (it makes everything taste yummy)

Most of them make a lot of sense. There are probably a few surprises though. Touring through North Ontario is always a bit of a challenge when trying to eat healthy, especially when driving all day. I like the organic apple sauce because it’s a quick and healthy snack which gives you a bit of a boost. I love to cook whenever I can. Lots of people have different taste but one thing I can always find in common is cooking something with coconut milk in the recipe. And the toiletries bag is a must! It’s changed my touring experience for the better. Trust me on that one. : )

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