End of Year Thoughts

Not sure if anyone reads these but hey, it’s fun to share stuff and makes me feel not-so-alone in this crazy journey.

I’ve had the most awesome day in Calgary. Think this city is beginning to warm up to me. Just spent some time on 17th and checked out lots of ethnic food shops. It was fun. You can find stuff here that you can’t find in Toronto. That’s neat.

And to make it even more special, these two boys came to my door this afternoon, probably around 8 and 10 and asked if they could shovel my walkway! Wow, who brought that my way? What a great idea! I told them I could do better than the $5 they were asking for. I gave them both $5 bills (you should have seen their faces) and then I gave them two large Caramilk bars. You know, the ones that are always lots of fun to consume during a good movie. : )

And I’m excited about stuff. My booking agent is turning out to be awesome, I just met the coolest publicist who’s gonna help me out a bit and I’m learning a song by Bob Dylan! And even better news is that I just hired a grant writer to help me with the time consuming job of researching and writing grant applications. Wow. That made my day when I realized that it was actually beginning to happen. And she’s an awesome person too, and a detail person. I’ve been looking forward to finding that kind of person to work with for a long time now. I am convinced that we are only given certain experiences in our lives when we’re good and ready for them, even if it doesn’t feel like that at the time. Good and bad both move us forward.

New Year’s is almost here. Wow, can’t believe I’m waitressing on the one night that would be awesome to go see Hank & Lily perform in Edmonton! Leave it to Murphy I guess. The good news is that they perform again on New Year’s Day, a day I happen to have off. Hummmm…think it may just be worth the drive. : )

2009 is gonna be a good year. Hope you have a super duper fun, healthy and outrageous one. : )



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