The Banff Centre Rocks!

Well I finally made it to the Banff Centre. Can’t believe I got through that terrible mess of a waitressing job in Calgary. Six weeks felt like eternity. Funny, I was fired three days before my last day there, because I didn’t fill the ketchups the right way and more because the owner lives a miserable life which makes her very unhappy. It made it really easy for me to leave that job and I certainly don’t feel guilty for not giving any notice about leaving! That crappy experience reminded me that I am one lucky girl to be doing what I do. Lots of valuable lessons were learned in Calgary and I’m sure that the thicker skin that I was given by working in one of the worst parts of town will be useful somewhere down the line.

The Banff Centre. It’s an artist’s utopia. I’ve been here for three days now and every day keeps getting better and better. I’ve got a beautiful music studio in the woods, overlooking Mount Rundle where I have been playing music night and day. I’m meeting the most amazing artists here and quite a few of them are working on similar things. Think we’re all going to help each other out lots over the next three months.

Video soon, that’s a promise. : )

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