Thank you ArtsNL

“Pulling Together” – Oil painting by Ted Stuckless

Jumping up and down over here with so much joy, gratitude and excitement as this really sinks in! We did it! We got a Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council grant to help bring the new project closer to the finish line! A dream come true!

PUSH & PULL. My first piece of vinyl. A whole bunch of really cool music videos. Exciting collaborations. A live audio-visual experience. Super fun touring opportunities. It all happens in 2023, thanks to this extra funding we really needed to move it forward.

Sending a huge hug to my grant writing partner in crime, Matt Dines who helped me envision more than what I could see for myself. You are such a gift my friend.

So excited to work on this project with a dream team of professionals: Brad Weber of Pick A Piper / Caribou / Coy Haste, Terry Barrow of Protosleep, Matt Dines on bass, Jason Jaknunas of Metropolitan Studios, Noah Mintz of Lacquer Channel Mastering, Stephen Lilly of Mountain Fortress Audio, Sarah Jamer of The Syrup Factory, Sara Russell Design, Ritche Perez – Photographer, Auteur Research, Julian Earle Photography, Joshua Caine and the gorgeous artwork of visual artist, Ted Stuckless who inspired me to begin creating this project.

Thank you to the beautiful community of Twillingate who welcomed me with open arms and shared their stories with me of their amazing history and culture last summer. None of this would be happening right now without the generosity of the Unscripted Twillingate – Digital Arts Festival, Wilma Hartmann and Deborah Bourden. I am so grateful for your encouragement and support.

Now the hard work begins as we focus on bringing this project to the finish line. Can’t wait to share this with y’all fine folks in 2023!!!!