Testimonial from Fred’s Records

Thanks to Tony Ploughman of Fred’s Records for his kind words about our recent East Coast Music Award nominated album, “From the River to the Ocean”:

“Rozalind MacPhail’s artistic aesthetic swells within the evocative strength of her music. She possesses exceptional sensibilities as pertains to the marriage of the audio and video mediums. With the flute as her constant instrument her sympathies for both mediums spurs her with a true and stoic ability to channel the humanities at the core of the central themes and messages addressed in her work. Rozalind has a genuine gift for interpreting and crafting musical odes that compliment and provocatively enshrine and enhance the poetic stories and images in both hers and others films. There is no doubting the authenticity of her role at the heart of these works. Musically, her latest project/CD favorably brings to mind the pioneering artistry of New Age labels, Windham Hill and Private Music in the 1980’s. I would strongly suggest indulging in her latest offering, “From The River To The Ocean”. Little wonder she took home Female Artist Of The Year honors at MusicNL. In 2016.” – Tony Ploughman , Fred’s Records.

CDs available for purchase at Fred’s Records

Digital Download:
BandCamp – https://rozalindmacphail.bandcamp.com
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/rozalind-macphail/id264950174

Have you heard the new album yet? Now streaming on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyOs7BYVd5U

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