Howdy Everyone,

I hope you’re having an awesome holiday. : )

I’ve been waitressing at a sports bar in Calgary’s Forest Lawn. It’s been interesting. I’m almost done raising this money for the Banff Centre though. It has been some seriously hard-earned money I tell ya.

I’m off to Banff in just over a week now. I’m so excited to get there and to be focusing on music full-time again. Next album, here I come! And I’ve already had dreams about transcribing these soundscapes for flute choir. How nerdy is that eh? I love it. : )

This link put a smile on my face today. I got #7 for “Edgework” in the Ottawa Citizen. Weird eh? I’m not complaining though…that’s really cool.

Check it out:

The list is published in the Ottawa Citizen and online at http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Double+Pumpers+primal+tops+chart/1117374/story.html

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year. I’ll be bringing in the new year, keeping it real as a waitress in Forest Lawn. Wow. 2009 better be a good one. : )


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