“SUNSET SUNRISE is for connecting to our higher selves, for rising above daily concerns, to open into the space of Love…a beautifully serene way to invoke meditation. Rozalind MacPhail is a fountain of creativity, a plethora of surprises and colors.” – Viviana Guzman (The Flute View)

Thanks to The Flute View and Viviana Guzman for writing a beautiful review of our meditation album. This never would have happened without my friends and collaborators, Kim HenningerShawn ParkeStephen LillyStephen VardyAnne Pickard-VaanderingEmilie BeaupreJennifer May NewhookJosh CaineAbigail Pye and Paddy Barry.

Sending a deep bow of gratitude to all of you for collaborating on a work of love for our dear friend, Graham Howcroft.