The East – Review of “Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far”

“It reminds me of the type of ethereal sound explored by artists like Kate Bush…The idea of this record being intended for live looping performance by a solo artist continues to haunt my listening experience; I really want to see that show.” Click here to read the review

One of the scariest things for an artist is that waiting period that happens when you release something new and wait for the world to receive it. The 1st review of our little concept EP, “Don’t Let me Fall Too Far” has come out and it’s a goody! At first, I was absolutely terrified to read it. What if the reviewer didn’t like my voice and what if they don’t like the sound of the flute?!!!

Thanks to Camilo Villamizar-Báez of The East for putting so much heart into writing a thoughtful review. The East does such top notch work to support us artists in Atlantic Canada!

It’s amazing to see a shout-out to the company who made all of this possible for me by providing these beautiful instruments I recorded with, Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments. Also sending a shout-out to my musical partner in the studio, recording engineer, Terry Barrow of Protosleep and to my collaborative soul sister/brothers, Industrial Parks.