Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far

A special live music and cinema event

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Newfoundland’s mesmerizing one-woman orchestra, Rozalind MacPhail performs her internationally-acclaimed audio-visual creation, DON’T LET ME FALL TOO FAR.

MacPhail’s live music score features moody vocals, electrifying flute loops and driving electronics reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Mazzy Star and New Order.

Raven Blue’s film, HOMELESS tells a timeless story of self-discovery experienced by a young woman navigating her way through a vulnerable period in her life. Haunting, lonely, dreamy and deeply honest. The film adapts the universal Indigenous tradition of the vision quest and explores themes of attachment, loss and longing. The development of the animated visions draw on the history of American hobo culture, which employed a universal set of symbols to assist fellow travellers as they navigated unfamiliar territory. Filmed in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Nominated for ECMA’s Electronic Recording of the Year and MusicNL’s Electronic Recording of the Year.

DON’T LET ME FALL TOO FAR has been featured at Live at Heart Festival (Sweden), Cucalorus Festival (USA) and CB Nuit (Newfoundland and Labrador).


30 minute performance with an option for a 15 minute Q&A by Rozalind after the performance





“It‘s easy to fall for the eclectic sounds of this creative mastermind, and you will probably get lost in your imagination while falling.“Rock Eden Magazine

“An artistry that is both visionary and innovative.” – The Flute View

Newfoundland’s award-winning songwriter, looping-flutologist, touring artist, film composer and inspirational speaker explores new ways of combining image, inspiration and sound in audio-visual works that speak honestly of people, place and the human experience. 

A classically-trained flutist, MacPhail layers moody vocals, electrifying flute loops, omnichord and driving electronics through her effects pedals and the digital audio workstation, Ableton Live. 

MacPhail has received multiple honours and awards including an East Coast Music Award for Electronic Recording of the Year and MusicNL‘s Female Artist of the Year. She’s recorded 12 albums, written and recorded music for film and performed and toured internationally over the last two decades.

She‘s currently showcasing her internationally acclaimed audio-visual creation, DON’T LET ME FALL TOO FAR and genre-breaking keynote concert, INSPIRATION SOUP.

  • WAITING OUTSIDE by Joshua Jamieson (film score composed by MacPhail) offered a multi-year broadcast licensing deal with CBC’s Reel East Coast Season 6. Broadcasting on CBC Atlantic Network and CBC Gem (2021)
  • MacPhail has performed extensively in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Canada and the United States
  • MacPhail collaborated with Canadian film director, Ingrid Veninger, improvising a live score of original music for her award-winning feature film, HE HATED PIGEONS which has screened at film festivals worldwide.
  • MacPhail has been featured at the National Flute Convention and the Canadian Flute Convention.


Rozalind requires technical support from the technician contracted for the venue as well as the following equipment she won’t be able to take on the plane:

  • Rozalind: flute loops, vocals and electronics mixed through laptop (Ableton Live) while video is being projected through an HDMI projector controlled by Rozalind via her laptop.
  • Rozalind + laptop/table located in front of screen on stage right or left – avoiding blocking audience view.
  • 1 boom mic stand (Rozalind provides her own Neumann mic).
  • 1 extension cord for Rozalind’s electrical setup on stage.
  • Stereo Mix – Rozalind provides a stereo mix from 2 balanced 1/4 inch cables coming out of her RME Babyface Pro audio interface to go through 2 DI’s or straight into the main PA.
  • No monitors required – please mute during live performance.
  • Projection Screen (whatever size is the most appropriate for the performance space).
  • Projector, Projector Stand and HDMI cable to the stage (Rozalind can provide this if it is not available at the venue).
  • Rozalind requires secure access to the performance space 2 hours in advance of the performance and at least 45 minutes after the performance to tear down and strike.
  • If a mixing board is provided as the access point for the 1/4 inch cables, the same sound technician familiar with that equipment will be required both during sound check period and the performance.
  • Lighting should be able to be dimmed in the performance space so that the visuals can come to life on the screen with spotlight lighting provided on the performer to highlight Rozalind performing on stage.


Rozalind MacPhail shares, “It was 2016 in Saint John, New Brunswick. I was performing in a cool arts space for a local indie music festival. The city was electric with musicians from all over Atlantic Canada. Little did I know I would be winning my first East Coast Music Award that weekend. After my live set, local filmmaker and music producer, Raven Blue approached me about collaborating on an audio-visual project he was creating through his arts collective, Industrial Parks.

Fast forward many months between Saint John, New Brunswick and St. John’s, Newfoundland. Industrial Parks and I collaborated on the audio-visual project, HOMELESS. All of us could relate to the transformative experiences we were going through during the time of creating this project. It became a profound way to share our personal experiences as we combined experimental film, street photography, animation, spoken word and live improvised music.

DON’T LET ME FALL TOO FAR is a musical adaptation of Industrial Parks’s audio-visual project, HOMELESS. This version is intended for performing solo with the electronics being my musical duet partner.

The project tells a timeless story of self-discovery experienced by a young woman navigating her way through a vulnerable period in her life. She’s haunted by strange visions guiding her to unfamiliar places as she explores the expansive city of industrial giants, natural wonders and aging Victorian neighbourhoods in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The film adapts the universal Indigenous tradition of the vision quest and explores themes of attachment, loss and longing. The development of the animated visions draw on the history of American hobo culture, which employed a universal set of symbols to assist fellow travellers as they navigated unfamiliar territory.

The live music score explores the organic electronic genre with looped and effected flutes, vocals and electronics.

This recording would not have been possible without the generous support of Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments who provided an alto flute, c flute and piccolo for this recording.

DEDICATED to MacPhail’s 1st flute teacher, Courtney Westcott who “helped me play my first note long ago and has always helped me shine on the stage and through life. I owe so much to her.” – Rozalind MacPhail


Lyrics by Raven Blue

Something in the way you said
I’ll be coming home soon
I knew I’d be waiting
‘Til the sun came over the harbour
Something in the skies will lead me astray
And I’ll never be lost again
Walking out into the meadows
Under the stars
Under the treetops
Under the fog belts
Under the rolling tides
I can feel this city breathing
Under the asphalt
Under the streetlight grid
Under the bridges
Under the smoky skies

Lyrics by Raven Blue

Here lies the life I knew for so long
There’s no one to tell me where to go from here
I won’t be afraid to walk the walk
Like I’ve done so many times before

If these streets had secrets, what would they say?
Every time I had to walk away?
For all the miles I’ve wandered
Is there even a trace?
In all the haunts I’ve haunted?

The sun comes up
I don’t wanna be in this place anymore
I open the door

The streets open up like a little pop-up book
I step outside
But I don’t know if I can trust my own eyes
I turn the page
I still feel like someone’s following me

I guess it’s true
I’ve always been homeless
I don’t need no shelter in this rain
All this time I’ve been so careless
Tearing down dreams before they’ve seen the light of day

The sun comes up
The sun goes down
I don’t know how I’ll ever find a way out of this town

No matter how hard I try
I still see it in the skies
Out of the corner of my eye
You turned around and smiled
Right out of the tales of a child

Follow these signs
You know it’s time to become who you are

Lyrics by Raven Blue

Have you been watching me
all this time?

You know I always want to
Follow you down
into the Alders

I see the beacon on the island
never gave up
And I’m a little scared to give in

Don’t let me fall too far
into the spiral skies

Lyrics by Rozalind MacPhail

Breathe in love. Exhale love. Repeat
We are what we focus on.
Make room for what really matters.
Approach everything with a beginner’s mind.
Embrace the unknown.
Lean into the discomfort. That’s how we grow.
Lay it all out on the line.
Every struggle we go through helps prepare us for the bigger picture.
See how we get everything we need, when we need it.
Breathe in love. Exhale love. Repeat.

Lyrics by Raven Blue

This land is not your land or my land

It’s an empty place till someone stands

When all the chemicals

have drained from your veins

Will you still see all the colours

Reach behind your shoulder blades

Feel for the silver wings

Come out from under the covers

You know it’s time to

Take it down

Over the bridges

Out into the streets

You are awake and alive

Tonight and tomorrow

When the sun comes up

When the sun goes down

These dreams belong to the slumbering coastlines


MUSIC by Rozalind MacPhail and Industrial Parks

LYRICS by Raven Blue and Rozalind MacPhail

ARRANGEMENT by Rozalind MacPhail

Rozalind MacPhail – vocals, spoken word, effected alto flute, piccolo and C flute

Industrial Parks (Raven Blue, Jeff McLennan, Cara Cole) – vocals, spoken word, dialogue, field recordings and electronics

Rozalind plays Gemeinhardt Musical Instrument’s Ali Ryerson BLK alto flute, 33SB C flute with a Crusader headjoint and a Roy Seaman Storm piccolo

PRODUCED by Rozalind MacPhail, Terry Barrow and Industrial Parks

COMPOSED & RECORDED by Industrial Parks and Rozalind MacPhail

MIXING & MASTERING by Terry Barrow

DESIGN & LAYOUT by Alli Johnston and Stephen Read

All songs © Rozalind MacPhail & Raven Blue (SOCAN) 2019
All Rights Reserved | Made in Canada