Performing at the Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues Festival

Come check this out folks! So excited for this.

Here’s the Facebook event page

Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival and the Nickel Independent Film Festival are coming together once again for the “Nickel Gets Jazzed and the Jazz Festival Gets Framed”. During the 2011 Nickel Film Festival, filmmaker Roger Maunder facilitated a workshop on Super 8 film-making for the festival’s annual film series that brings together filmmakers and musicians. The end result will be a screening of three original films with a live-recorded performance by musicians at the 10th annual Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival, as well as a screening of the film with sound the following year at the Nickel Film Festival.

The selected teams for this year (filmmaker and musician) are:

Jody Richardson and Brad Jefford
Kenneth J Harvey and Rozalind MacPhail
Elsa Morena and Robot Scout (Chris Driedzic)

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