Oh Alberta

I just reached Calgary! That was some serious driving I tell ya to get to this side of the country. Through ice, snow and fog, my little prince made it all the way with very little surprises. I am truly fortunate.

Yup, gonna be an Albertan for the winter months. I have one last show in Lethbridge Alberta, at the Slice. That place makes the best pizza in all of Canada! Can’t wait although part of me feels really sad to be ending my adventures. The past six months have been so amazing. I’ve seen the most beautiful spots, met the most wonderful people and have grown so much as a person and as a musician. Got lots of new songs waiting to be written now. Time to buckle down and get writing.

And what next? Working in Calgary, probably as a waitress. Yup, time to make some fast cash in order to get my butt to the Banff Centre for January. Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it. : )

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