EP Release – “Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far”

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NEW MUSIC RELEASE – “Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far” by Rozalind MacPhailIndustrial Parks OUT NOW!!!


SPOTIFY – https://open.spotify.com/album/4FmxiEngyCsJ6NaXdi8zUf

DEDICATED to my 1st flute teacher, Courtney Westcott who helped me play my first note long ago and has always helped me shine on the stage and through life. I owe so much to you, my dear friend.

Organic electronic EP with moody vocals, electrifying flute loops and driving electronics. Haunting, lonely, dreamy and deeply honest. This EP is a musical adaptation of an audio-visual project by Industrial Parks (the talent of Raven BlueCara Cole and Jeff McLennan). I will start performing this live score to Raven Blue‘s intoxicating film this Fall.

“Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far” explores the colourful world of flute looping and effects with C flute, alto flute and piccolo being the stars of the show. This recording would not have been possible without the generous support of Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments who provided these beautiful flutes I composed and recorded with. The looping was done with Ableton and with the use of beautiful pedals by TC Helicon and Keith McMillen Instruments.

Don’t Let Me Fall Too Far (2019) – Official Trailer from Rozalind MacPhail on Vimeo.