Macaulay Muse

This is the second short film I have ever made, called, “Macaulay Muse.” Not sure if I should be sharing it with y’all or not but hey, it’s fun to check out the beginning stages of trying out something new.

I filmed this on 8mm and then Scott Amos hand processed it is his basement and transferred it. I set the music to it, on the road in Montreal using my omnichord, frog, glockenspiel and shaker. It’s footage I took in the Macaulay House (Dawson City, Yukon) in April 2009, no editing, just straight footage of the cool things in and outside the house. Lots say the house is haunted. I’d have to agree. The first Mayor of Dawson City used to live there. It was a very inspiring place for me and I am amazed at how many compositions I created during my time there. I scored pieces for short film. It probably goes down as being my most productive residency so far.

While in St. John’s this summer, I plan to be a sponge at the film co-op here called NIFCO. Should be a fun and productive summer!

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