Lyrics – Be Here Now

Here are lyrics to a new song that I’ve been working on, inspired by my recent experiences on the road.

They are such simple concepts to be aware of yet so challenging to live by, at least for me. I’ve spent most of my life being afraid of change, obsessing about the past and the future and trying to control what was out of my reach. It’s a daily battle to change my old habits and this song is one of those ways that I’m trying to remind myself of how to live a more peaceful life, without attachments. Sounds very granola I know but it’s worth thinking about…


Lyrics by Rozalind MacPhail

Be here now
Be here now
As it is,
Constantly changing

Forget about tomorrow
Let go of yesterday
It is what it is so why fight it this way?

Stop trying to hold on
It’s no good for you
Stop trying to be so strong
Vulnerable moments are beautiful too

There will come a day
When all of this will be a blessing to you
You just can’t see that now
And that’s alright too

So be here now
Be here now
As is is,
Constantly changing

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