“LOVE AND LET BE” Nominated for ECMA

Our electroacoustic album, LOVE AND LET BE has been nominated for an East Coast Music Association (ECMA) Award!!! We are truly touched our act of love has been nominated for this. Wow!!!

Huge thanks to Stephen Lilly for the amazing engineering on this baby. Deep bow of gratitude to Oriah Mountain Dreamer for the use of her inspiring poem, “The Invitation”. So much love to Modo Yoga Halifax‘s wonderful yoga instructor, Jenn King for moving me to such lovely places in my heart and to our Modo Yoga community worldwide. Thanks to Evan Cox for capturing Jenn’s magic and dear friend Anne Pickard-Vaandering for her gorgeous artwork that speaks so softly.

None of this would have happened without my beautiful Ali Ryerson alto flute from Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments. Warm hugs to Josh CaineMusicNLNL Musicians’ Association – Local 820Corey PikeDavid PirtleJennifer Baunoch and Peter Seymour for their constant supportive presence in my life.

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