New Release: LOVE AND LET BE

We’re excited to share LOVE AND LET BE. This labour of love will be available for free download on Bandcamp for the entire month of March. Download it here:

LOVE AND LET BE, where Yin Yoga, electroacoustic music and poetry dance together to create inner peace and make room for more space in the heart. LOVE AND LET BE is the perfect recipe for home practice, when we’re on the road or when we’re needing to take a quiet moment for ourselves.

“Yin for the Heart” is guided by talented yoga instructor, Jenn King of Moksha Yoga Halifax. The beautiful poem recited by Jenn throughout the sequence is called, “The Invitation” by Canadian writer, Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Jenn King writes, “Yin Yoga offers a space of stillness for the body, mind, and heart. With a focus on deeper, longer holds, we can affect structures that have a tendency to be tight and restricted. The position of our physical body can also elicit responses in the mind and heart. These responses can be challenging to sit with, but this is where we practice getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. To face challenge and not shrink back. To see the value of stillness in the storm. This practice was developed based on my belief that heart-opening is not only important, but required for a full and present life. Our world does not promote this, and at times discourages it. We shy away from expression when it rises to the surface, but in the practice I want to offer people a space to consider what it is to sit with emotions, however they may be perceived, and accept that their feelings are valid based solely on their existence. Oriah’s poem is precisely this for me: the good, messy and beautiful parts of being human. This project is a marriage of many things I believe in: yoga, stillness, love and music. Standing alone, these elements are already powerful. Together, they are boundless, rich and lush with expression.”

LOVE AND LET BE is dedicated to Moksha Yoga and Modo Yoga studios worldwide. Thank you for providing us with a supportive community where we can let our hearts shine bright. It’s amazing the magic we tap into when we feel peace from within. Sending a deep bow of gratitude to Jenn King of Moksha Yoga Halifax, our beautiful sangha at Moksha Yoga St. John’s and Oriah Mountain Dreamer for sharing this beautiful creative journey with us.

Thank you to Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments for donating the gorgeous Ali Ryerson BLK alto flute I recorded with. The effected alto flute parts are inspired by the breath and the rise and fall of the ocean. If you listen closely, you may hear some field recordings we captured with an iPhone and a handheld recorder. Listen for the water dripping from a leaky roof during a bad storm to the sweet sounds of birds singing with chimes in the gentle breeze. It’s all there to help take you to the present moment.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to recording engineer, Stephen Lilly who mixed and mastered the album. Thanks to Corey Pike who provided me with a wonderful rehearsal space to record in and to Evan Cox for recording Jenn’s class.

Thank you to gifted artist, Anne Pickard-Vaandering for her lovely artwork, Rhonda L Pelley for capturing Anne’s artwork on camera and Emilie Beaupre for the beautiful design.

It takes a village to create a new album and I’m grateful for this special village of friends who helped make another dream come true. Sending much love and gratitude to you. 

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Artwork: Anne Pickard-Vaandering