Join us and Jump in, Head First

After receiving some unfortunate news yesterday regarding some arts funding we applied for that was turned down, it looks like we have to resort to finding creative ways to complete the film portion of our Head First DVD. Everyone’s telling me that I’ve got to ask for help if I need it so here it goes…gulp. : ) I need your help, for help funding the film portion of the Head First 5.1 DVD. So many of my talented filmmaker friends from all over Canada are involved in this and they deserve to get paid for their awesome films. The music is almost complete and will be sent to the filmmakers on June 1st.

Here’s a crowdfunding page I set up to make it easy to pre-order DVDs and to make donations. I am so grateful to to those of you who share this link with your friends. And now my toes and fingers are crossed that this will work. : )

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