I Heart North Ontario

Wow, North Ontario is one special place. I had such a great time performing in Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Rossport, Wawa, Thunder Bay and Wabigoon. I met amazing people, got to hang with some of my favourite bands (Fembots and Octoberman) and enjoyed every bit of the beautiful drive. North Ontario is one of those precious spots that I always look forward to visiting.

I’m writing to you from Brandon Manitoba, where winter has hit us in a major way. My drive from Winnipeg was a bit scary this morning. I saw way too many trucks and cars stuck in the ditches as I drove slowly along the TransCanada iceway! Glad I got here in one piece. It’s the first time I’ve ever driven in snow and let me tell you, it’s a strange feeling to slip and slide along the highway in a large vehicle. I hope tomorrow’s drive to Edmonton is a little easier. Welcome to touring in Canada during the winter…

Here’s some video footage of some fun moments during my North Ontario tour. I miss all of my new friends already. Can’t wait to get back.

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