I am In Love with Toronto, Thanks to Wavelength

It may have taken me an entire month to fall in love with Toronto again but I can officially say that it’s happened. I now remember why Toronto is so awesome for indie music and why it is one of the real hotspots for music in Canada. And it’s all thanks to Wavelength.

Wavelength takes place every Sunday night, at Sneaky Dee’s (College/Bathurst) and you can always count on seeing the best up and coming bands from Toronto and all over Canada. Last night, I got to see:

Have Fun At The Altar
Phantastic Prayer Book
The Heart Beats

All three bands were great but Have Fun At The Altar stole the show. They were amazing! Talk about a high energy band who plays for the love of music and it really shows. It was such a fun time. The energy was like nothing I had ever experienced before. And what a mix of the best musicians from all of the top indie bands in Toronto. They even had Laura Barrett performing on clarinet! What a treat.

There’s nothing like a great night of live music to inspire you to be the best musician that you can be. I was so excited to get home today to play with all the ideas that were brewing in my head from all the wonderful music I was so fortunate to experience. It’s always great to feel like you’re part of a thriving artistic community and at Wavelength, I know that I will always meet people who think the same way as I do and who feel just as passionate about indie music as I do. Last night was no exception. I got to meet the coolest people and I feel like I’ve just made a whole bunch of new friends.

For anyone traveling through Toronto on a Sunday night, you MUST check out a show at Wavelength. I’ve never been disappointed. It’s always packed with the hottest music dudes, sexy music-lovin’ gals…you name it. It’s a blast and everyone’s made to feel welcome there.

Thank you Wavelength. You just made me fall in love with Toronto all over again. : )

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