Cucalorus Film Festival, here we go!

I’ve arrived in Wilmington, North Carolina and I can’t stop smiling about this year’s Cucalorus Film Festival. I’ll be performing the U.S. premiere of FROM THE RIVER TO THE OCEAN on November 12th at Bourgie Nights and most of the filmmakers will be in attendance for the Q&A! I perform the entire soundtrack for the project live to the films.

Join us for the U.S. Premiere of FROM THE RIVER TO THE OCEAN at the 22nd Annual Cucalorus Film Festival on Sat Nov 12th at 4:45pm.  A Q&A will follow.

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1. Overture for Pinkhouse (Rozalind MacPhail, Canada)
2. The Gaze (Shona Thomson, UK)
3. Riverwalk (Mariah Dunn Kramer, US)
4. Greenfield (Josh Caine, US)
5. Now Accepting Food Stamps (Rozalind MacPhail, Canada)
6. Film = Jobs (Mandi Edwards, UK)
7. A Few Pictures of Cucalorus 20 (Matthew Malloy, US)
8. Wilmington Tide (Matt Gossett, US)
9. Leave a Note (Rozalind MacPhail, Canada)

ORIGINAL LIVE SCORE by Rozalind MacPhail – Nominated for MusicNL’s Instrumental Recording of the Year Award

During an artist residency supported by the Cucalorus Film Festival in 2014, Newfoundland musician, Rozalind MacPhail invited both local and visiting filmmakers to create short films inspired by their personal connection to Wilmington. Their end creation is an eclectic mix of 1950’s archival images, social commentary and hand-processed Super 8 footage. Rozalind MacPhail’s original music soundtrack combines traditional songwriting, multi-layered sound looping, field recordings and flute, MacPhail’s specialty.

Stream the soundtrack on YouTube:


Josh Caine – Greenfield

A native of Valencia, California, Josh got his start in the motion picture industry at a camera rental facility, ‘The Camera House’. After his internship, he began working in LA as a freelance camera loader and second camera assistant on commercials, music videos, and feature films.  In 2006 he relocated to Wilmington, NC where he established a video production and transfer business, Past Present Future Digital, Inc. and he’s been working consistently ever since.

Mandi Edwards – Film=Jobs

Mandi comes from the smallest city in England – Wells in Somerset. It’s a sleepy town but has been chosen as the set of blockbusters like Hot Fuzz and The Huntsman Winter’s War to name a few! Mandi resided in Wilmington, NC for three months in the spring of 2014 as a resident artist at Cuclalorus Film Festival. She knew three people when she arrived, and by the time she left that number was well over a hundred! Mandi has directed two short documentaries; her debut film Guns In The House (2014) and Write To Kill (2015).

Matt Gossett – Wilmington Tide

Matt Gossett was born in Durham, North Carolina in 1991. After he graduated High School, he attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He co-started a video making group called Horse Computer and also received a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies. After school, he spent another year or two in Wilmington before moving to Pittsboro where he currently lives.

Mariah Dunn KramerRiverwalk

Mariah is from a small town in northeast Pennsylvania. She has lived and worked in New York City, Portland, OR, and Greensboro, NC. In the summer of 2014 Mariah visited Wilmington as a resident artist at Cucalorus Film Festival. The residency not only gave her a chance to create her short experimental film, Riverwalk (2014), it also inspired her to make Wilmington her new home. Mariah now lives in Wilmington and teaches in the Film Studies Department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her most recent film, This is My Home Now (2015) premiered on PBS and the World Channel in 2015.

Rozalind MacPhail – Leave a Note, Now Accepting Food Stamps

Rozalind grew up in Canada on a small group of islands nestled in the harbour of Toronto, Ontario called Toronto Island. She has lived in many parts of Canada but it was the artistically vibrant city of St. John’s, Newfoundland that stole her heart. It was through MacPhail’s experience living on the Cucalorus Film Festival compound that inspired her to begin curating this project. Rozalind is a classically trained flutist and has released several albums of original work including Head First, which was nominated for an East Coast Music Award and a MusicNL award. MacPhail collaborated with Canadian director, Ingrid Veninger, improvising a live score of original music for her award-winning feature film, He Hated Pigeons which has screened at film festivals worldwide. Rozalind’s performance highlights include: Dawson City International Short Film Festival, Banff Centre, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Canadian Flute Convention, Cucalorus Film Festival, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Nickel Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, St. John’s International Film Festival, MusicNL Week and TEDx St. John’s.

Matthew Malloy – A Few Pictures of Cucalorus 20

Matt lives in Wilmington, NC a place where the culture has nurtured a film industry of the finest craftsmanship and camaraderie.  Matt feeds his independent filmmaking habit as a gaffer in the industry. He loves his hometown of Wilmington where he has revelled as a part of Cucalorus since its inception. He believes film will make the world a better place. Matt’s most recent project is Matthew (2015) a sci-fi thriller sitcom from the POV of an A.I. striving to calibrate its moral compass.

Shona Thomson – The Gaze

Shona is from Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland – a wee country with a big creative heart, beautiful landscapes and a lot of whisky. Shona spent two weeks in Wilmington in July 2014 as part of the Cucalorus Film Festival international artist residency program. As the first curator on the program, her curiosity about archive film found her digging about in the city’s local libraries and creating an event celebrating the city’s cinemagoing past with old films, live music and field recordings of local memories. From 2010-2015, Shona produced the first five years of Scotland’s first and only festival of silent film with live musical accompaniment, the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema, growing it to be a key event in the UK cultural calendar. During a successful eighteen-year professional relationship with the Edinburgh International Film Festival (the oldest continually running film festival in the world) she has chaired numerous onstage Q&As, hosted international film stars, and programmed documentary film. She is an ambassador for the live communal cinema experience and, driven by a passion for connecting archives with place, Shona collaborates with audiences, festivals and communities across Scotland and internationally through high profile touring and artist-led projects across cinema, music and sound art.

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