Boreal Forest Garden

What an experience that just was. I was just at Marlene Creates’ place in Portugal Cove to check out what I’m gonna play for our upcoming Boreal Forest Garden. What a wonderland of forest, rocks, rivers, falls and valleys! Not only that but I saw the first bunch of pink lady slippers I have ever seen. What a beautiful flower. Never seen that before.

Gonna be a magical evening. Original poetry recited by a great poet, loads of flute, guitar and voice in nature, green everywhere, a bonfire with marshmallows, good company. There’s limited space so if you want to go, make sure to email her right away or call. : )

For directions and to register:


phone: 709.895.1020

$25 | $20 students & seniors to reserve your ticket

Tuesday July 23th – 7:30pm

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