Black Sheep = Musical Goodness

I played one of my bigger cd release shows at Quebec’s Black Sheep, my favourite music venue in Canada. What a magical experience that evening was. Sharing the stage with me were musician friends Andrea Simms-Karp, Mike Yates, Marie-Josee Houle, Lindsay Ferguson, Ha!Man and Victoria filmmaker Scott Amos. Performing with these talented musicians was pure magic. I kept getting goosebumps the entire time I was singing as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing behind me. It was amazing. We have such amazing talent in this country.

And then there was Victoria filmmaker and friend Scott Amos who wowed all of us with his short experimental films that he projected with my performance. A real highlight was performing “Alone,” with Andrea and Marie-Josee backing me up. And our improv piece that we all performed at the very end of my set was so much fun! I didn’t want the night to end. It’s getting me really excited to perform my Cameron House set in Toronto this Wednesday, when I will be fortunate to experience playing with Scott’s films once again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see what Scott was projecting behind me for most of my set but I was put to tears when I experienced it through watching the videos my friend took of me through my camera. Wow. I wish he could be on the road with me all the time as it adds so much to the performance.

Here’s a little bit of the magic as I perform “Someday” at the Black Sheep. Scott Amos is projecting his films in the background.

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