90-Day Flute Challenge – Join Us!

Looking for some extra motivation for an artistic goal you have in 2020? Here’s a creative challenge to help you pursue your dream!

Join us in the 90-DAY FLUTE CHALLENGE. Commit to playing your flute (or any instrument(s) of choice) every day for the next 90 days.

Not a musician but still want to take part? Join us! Focus on one thing you’re passionate about every day and watch how your commitment to that one thing grows in leaps and bounds!

See what happens when you consistently focus on something you love. Give it everything you’ve got and make your dream become a reality! It really works!

I’ll be sharing tips and tricks along the way to help keep you feeling motivated. We’re in this together!

The 1st step in achieving that creative goal is to write it down. Think about three things you’d like to accomplish by the end of your challenge and write them down in the comments below. It could be something small or it could be something HUGE. Anything goes! This will be an empowering experience.

I’ll be encouraging you every step of the way!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS. Let’s have some FUN!

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